Referendum on the Kinver Neighbourhood Plan:

an overwhelming YES vote!

After over 2 years of consultation and hard work by Kinver council and local people, Kinver’s neighbourhood plan has been put to a referendum of residents.  Having been approved by a majority of voters, the plan will be used, alongside the Local Plan for South Staffordshire, to guide development decisions.

The Parish Council decided to create Kinver’s Neighbourhood Plan to give local people more influence over planning decisions. The plan’s policies were developed in consultation with local people, and seek to protect our important landscape and heritage as well as providing for the future.  It does not allocate housing.

The referendum (like local elections) was administered by South Staffordshire Council on behalf of Kinver parish council.

Date of Referendum:  Thursday August 24th  2023 

Place: Edward Marsh Centre, Legion Drive, Kinver, DY7 6ET

Time:  7am to 10pm

The Plan and associated documents may be viewed here and at