Kinver Neighbourhood Plan

First Consultation

This First Consultation on the Kinver Neighbourhoood Plan is to allow everyone in the Parish, young and old, to have a say on what issues are important to us, and what policies the Plan should consider.

We especially want to hear from younger people – you are the future, but so far retired people are over-represented in replies.  You can return more than one response per household!

Thank you for taking part in this consultation.

What do you want to do?:-

– Complete the Questionnaire online

– Read more about what Kinver’s Plan could do in the Issues and Options document and its Appendices

– see and download the paper version of the Questionnaire

 contact us if you have any queries.

 Thank you for completing the questionnaire!

Your answers to this questionnaire will provide the basis for creating the Kinver Neighbourhood Plan.  We are also gathering evidence, including the types of housing needed in Kinver; and the natural and heritage assets we have and how best to protect them. There will be further consultations as the Plan progresses, and at all stages the contributions and help of local people are vital to ensuring our Neighbourhood Plan is right for Kinver.To receive future consultations, and updates on the Neighbourhood Plan, please email us your contact details at