About Neighbourhood Plans

Why make a Neighbourhood Plan?

Making a Neighbourhood Plan provides an opportunity to develop our vision of the village for the future, and to guide development in that direction. Currently, planning decisions are taken by our Planning Authority (South Staffordshire District Council), and we react to those plans. By making a Neighbourhood Plan, we can influence where development in our parish goes, and what it should be like, at an earlier stage. Kinver Parish Neighbourhood Plan will stand alongside the South Staffordshire Local Plan with equal status for determining planning matters.

A Neighbourhood Plan can be used to:

  • Develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood
  • Influence the design, quality and location of new developments
  • Protect important local green spaces
  • Protect local community and heritage assets
  • Promote a better environment, reduced carbon footprint, and resilience
  • Promote decisions which improve the village as a whole
  • Develop a strategy for using funds from development
  • Develop Kinver to be as we would like to see it in the future

What are the limits on a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Plan must comply with existing legislation. It must have due regard to national policy, and must be in general conformity with existing strategic local planning policy (i.e. the Local Plan developed by South Staffordshire District Council), and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

In particular, a Neighbourhood Plan cannot promote less development than that identified in the South Staffordshire Local Plan, although it can allow more.

Who makes the Plan?

The Plan is the responsibility of Kinver Parish Council, with the support of South Staffordshire District Council. The process of creating the Plan will be managed by a Steering Group made up of Parish Councillors and other Kinver residents.  Local involvement and consultation are essential, and are built into the process at all stages.