Kinver Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan

Our Mission

Neighbourhood Planning gives communities power to develop a vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area.

The Parish Council decided to create Kinver’s Neighbourhood Development Plan to give local people more influence over future planing decisions. Neighbourhood Plans can help decide what housing is built and where. They can help to protect our landscape and heritage. And they can set out what changes we should aim for, as opportunity or funding arise. Most of all, it should represent what local people see as the way forward for the next few years. The Plan is being developed by a Steering Group which includes Kinver residents and parish councillors.

We started working on the Plan in October 2020, and the process is likely to take 2-3 years.  Developing the Plan depends on local ideas, views and input to get it right.  What needs to happen as we face the next decade?  What do we want to keep, and what needs to evolve?   Formal consultation is built into the process, but even more important will be getting good ideas in place from the beginning.  Your involvement is what will make it happen.

The first consultation on the issues and options for Kinver’s Plan is underway.  The next stage is to use the feedback to draft policies, and build up the evidence base to underpin them.


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